Australie en Duitsland vechten vanavond om die andere plek voor de halve finale

Australië moet winnen, voor Duitsland is een gelijkspel genoeg omdat zij een beter doelsaldo hebben. Hockeyroos aanvoerster Madonno Blyth: “We knew that it could come down to this game to make the final. The fact that a draw won’t help us due to the goal difference means that we will have to be a bit more attacking, but our goal was to make it to the finals so this is another step in doing that.” De coach van de Hockeyroos, Frank Murray, was tevreden over de laatste wedstrijd, een 1-4 overwinning op Nieuw Zeeland. “I think both teams definitely made plenty of opportunities, and fortunately we were the team that was able to convert in the second half. The first half was very open with end-to-end stuff, and it probably took its toll on a few players and certainly by the end there were some very tired players.” Fox Sports