FIH-scheidsrechter Tim Pullman vertelt over zijn belevenissen tijdens de Common Wealth Games in New Delhi

From the Commonwealth games in New Delhi India we had a short interview with FIH umpire Tim Pullmann from Australia. In Holland a well know FIH umpire at the Champions Trophy 2003 and neutral umpire at the EC 2009. His favorite hockey place is ofcourse Amsterdam. Last March 2010 Tim visited New Delhi too as an umpire for the World Cup (WC) Hockey. Tim his first impression: Because the hockeysport use the same stadium as the World Cup, the organization was ready on time. The stadium is much better now than at the WC. Much cleaner! We received more safety allerts with the WC. Ofcourse New Delhi is fantastic and the people are very friendly.
It will be a difficult two weeks though. Our hotel is very good however we are a long way out from the stadium in an industrial area with nothing to do around us. So it will be hotel and hockey only for two weeks!!! The players do stay in an athlete campus, the coaches and umpires for the men and women competition stay in the same hotel.
I met Michel van den Heuvel yesterday. He is here as Pakistan coach.
So far today about half of our group (men and women) have gone to the opening ceremony and half of us have stayed at the hotel. They want us to leave for the stadium in a suit and tie at 13.00 with the ceremony starting at 19.00. Beacuse of my aclimation I stayed in the hotel. Much safer and more comfortable! My flight from Australia was quite long!
Tomorrow, Monday the women start so I will probably spend the day at the hotel again. Mental preparation. The appointments aren’t out yet. I’m not sure who is doing the first game yet. Our first day for men is not until Tuesday. I keep you posted!