Spanish League will start on 10th October with a new Women Competition format

Spanish League (Men and Women) has been presented in Barcelona to the media on Friday 1st October. The most important change for the 2010/11 year is the change in the Women competition, that will increase from 10 to 12 teams divided in two groups of six as the Men competition did one year ago.
The best player and the best young player (U23) of the League will be elected from the coach’s votes (3, 2 and 1 point for the best three) with the approval of a comittee formed by a RFEH group of specialist including National Coach (Daniel Martín-Men and Salvador Indurain-Women).
Spanish Hockey President Santiago Deó and Spanish goalkeeper Quico Cortés presented the new trophy that will be delivered to the champions (Men and Women) in the first days of June.
The new competition, based on a new format, aim to enhance the equality and keep the interest until the very end of the year, as the champions and the two teams that will lose the category will not be known until June. The first three teams of each group (1º, 2º and 3º) will form a new group (keeping the results between them) where the first four teams will qualify for the playoff. The last three teams of each group (4º, 5º and 6º) will play the other group three teams to try to avoid the last four places (9º, 10º, 11º and 12º). These last four teams will have to play a dramatic last league between them keeping the previous results. The last two 11º and 12º will fall to the “Division B”.

Group A
Club de Campo, Junior FC, Club Egara, Atlétic de Terrassa, Ciudad de las Palmas, SPV’51.

Group B
Real Sociedad, CD Terrassa, RC Polo, CH Alcalá, Caja Cantabria Sardinero, Xacobeo Deporte Galego.